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If you love your yoga practice but you’re not so sure that your current practice is helping your back pain, then you need this workshop. In this workshop, we review a few key RBP Rehab concepts before breaking down a variety of traditional asanas (postures) and pranayama (breathing) with dynamic modifications so that your practice reinforces a strong and supple Spine. We’ll end this heady session with a rejuvenating therapeutic self-massage savasana

WHAT IS RETRAIN BACK PAIN®? Retrain Back Pain® is a movement-based re-education system integrating multi-disciplinary holistic back care practices affecting how you THINK how you EAT and how you MOVE!

Investment: $70 each or 15% off all three combined.


An experienced Therapeutic Movement & Back Pain Specialist with 18 years’ experience, Dinneen offers classes, workshops, trainings and online programming to optimize nutrition, improve mobility and Retrain Back Pain®.

As a Senior Teacher Trainer for Tune Up Fitness® & Roll Model® Method, Dinneen travels the globe leading professional trainings. She is a NeuroKinetic & CranioSacral Therapist and a Certified Nutrition Counselor.