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Astrology Weekend with Alice Sparkly Kat

Join author, instagram phenom, and astrology expert, Alice Sparkly Kat @alicesparklykat for a two day deep dive into astrology. 

Alice is known for real talk astrology that reimagines archetypes of the self while deconstructing old belief systems to use astrology to have conversations about the world we live in. 

Investment: $65 by July 28, $75 after/ or $40 each.

Astrology and Chart Interpretation

August 2 | 7-9pm

How on earth do you interpret planets in signs and what do houses have to do with all of that? This class is for astrology beginners. We’ll use storytelling games to learn the basics of planets in the twelve signs of the zodiac. Houses information will be limited, because the class will primarily focus on planet in sign interpretation. Participants should walk away with a set of tools to help with with planet in signs interpretation as well as exercises to help them understand more.

Astrology’s History: Aliens and Pseudo-science

August 3 | 1-3pm

One of the best questions that beginner astrologer ask, that seasoned astrologer tend to forget about it “How or why does astrology work?" In this workshop, we will go over astrology’s historical context as a cultural science. By look at the ways western astrology’s historical movements have aligned with colonialism, we will compare astrology with other pseudo-sciences, such as eugenics, and look at the ways in which spirituality has remained complicit in oppression in addition to asking question about astrology's future