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A Weekend with Douglas Brooks

Three Queens Yoga welcomes international scholar, Douglas Brooks for a weekend of philosophy and conversation on courage in uncertain times.

The ancient stories of India invite us to face the realities of every day, small success, great achievements, ordinary failures, and undeniable crimes. None of us are spared when we look into the characters and try to see ourselves in them all---for this is part of the power of mythology, to imagine and empathize, to breach the unreachable chasm of consciousness, history, and culture so that we can peer with humility and respect into our shared humanity. In this seminar, we will take up two stories of heroines and heroes in some detail, the story of Shakuntala in both Mahabharata and the famous dramatic rendition of Kalidasa, and the story of Damayanti and Nala whose tale is for the ages.

These are not merely old stories from long ago and far away, they are trenchant, helpful, and compelling opportunities to engage mythology as a tool and method for a richer understanding of light and shadow, of human nature and mortal life, and of our highest aspirations and hopes for a better world. No previous experience or familiarity is assumed or required.

We'll tell the stories and you will be able to make them your own. Join the conversation.


Friday: 6:30-8:30pm, Saturday 1:00-6:00pm, Sunday 1:00-4:00pm

Early Bird Price available on or before March. 31

Entire Weekend: $195 before 5/31, $225 after

Members, Staff, and Trainees- save 20%