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Inversions & Handbalancing with Emile

Are you captivated by the possibility of balancing upside down? Are you an experienced yogi who wants to learn more about inversions?

Please join Emile for a course on the fundamentals of the handstand. During this two hour workshop you will learn principles of body alignment, strength and balance and how to work safely into handstands on and off the wall. Intermediate students will be introduced to techniques that lead to press handstands and handstand transitions. Together we will see how the joy and excitement of inversions don’t require you to be a master, only to be willing to take on a challenge.

Students are asked to be able to comfortably practice plank and upward facing bow and have some experience working with crow or handstanding on the wall. 

Investment: $45 by July 15, $55 after


Emile Sorger has been teaching yoga for nearly a decade. An expert in diverse movement patterns of the body, he is known for the concentration and analysis of yoga as both a movement and meditation practice. Emile’s experience allows him to meet students wherever they are in their Yoga journey. He has worked with everyone from total beginners to professional Parkour athletes.  He’s co-owner of Yoga Movement Arts in Brewerytown, PA.