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Tarot: The Major Arcana

The 22 Major Arcana of tarot comprise the 'big themes' of the tarot deck. They refer to archetypes of the self and have informed everyone from C.J.Jung to Joseph Campbell. From innocence and dream, through power, wisdom, death, revelation, and integration, the Major Arcana can provide clarity and personal insight even if you have never worked with tarot. 

Join Erick and discover the Major Arcana and tap into rich symbolism and self-inquiry. This workshop is the opportunity to unlock your tarot vocabulary and begin to master these 22 cards and the unfolding journey. Through a slide presentation, lecture, and group work, you will explore the myth, symbolism, and iconography these cards provide, alongside the historical and modern parallels to help us create stories and deeper meanings. 

No deck is necessary but having your own deck is definitely helpful! Please bring pen and paper.

Investment: $35.00