What our Graduates say!

Three Queens has felt like home since my first Beginner Series, so it felt like the right place for me to take my practice and knowledge to the next level.
To deepen my practice, learn more about proper alignment, deepen philosophical yoga knowledge and understand yoga in the context of the community / world.
I originally chose to do this training as a way to learn more about the physical asana—I loved how learning more about a particular pose’s alignment helped it “click.” Teaching was something that I had originally considered.
I chose to do this training to further my own practice; it was only once the training started that I realized that emotional change would accompany physical change.
I wanted to understand the asana on a deeper level and gain knowledge on the philosophy behind the practice.
Because Three Queens has a real life approach to Yoga. It is a place for real people to be part of a community. Also because I appreciate the alignment knowledge and approach of the teachers. It is important for me to know I am being taken care of, and that I will be able to do the same fro my students.
I found Three Queens Yoga after trying out many studios in Philly. This place immediately felt clean, safe and inspiring. As a female-owned business, I was excited to become a patron. After participating in work exchange and getting to know the staff and teachers through creative projects, I trusted that a year spent learning from this team would be a valuable investment. Also, #3qyfamily :)
I have practiced with Lisa O’Rear for a few years - and she has always been one of my favorite teachers. When Lisa introduced me to Mariel (the source!), I knew that I wanted to learn from her and other teachers in the 3QY community. The emphasis on proper alignment is what drew me to this practice - it’s something that wasn’t fully covered in my previous TT, and quite frankly not covered enough in power yoga/hot yoga studios. Having an understanding of the focal points and UPAs have changed my practice and further deepened my knowledge of yoga asana. I knew that if I wanted to be a yoga teacher, this was something that I needed to learn so that I could keep my students safe.
I had been wanting to do a TT for a while but couldn’t commit the time while I was in grad school. I also didn’t have much flexibility with work to commit to a program that was much shorter. I was unsure of what exactly I would be getting myself into but teaching was something I knew I wanted to do and this was the next step.
I feel like it chose me!
Because I connected well with this style of yoga and way of thinking about the practice. I was looking for something that could be broadly applied in terms of alignment, and that had a strong focus on philosophy and emotional development (check! check! check!)