Mariel Freeman, Owner, E-RYT 500

Mariel began practicing yoga in 2001 while studying at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. In 2004, she discovered her philosophy teacher, Dr. Douglas Brooks, and completed the first of many teacher trainings with Todd Norian in Massachusetts. In 2006, Mariel moved from from Sarasota, Florida to her hometown in New Jersey to study closely with her mentors, Sue Elkind and Naime Jezzeny. 

In her teaching, Mariel inspires students to directly access and celebrate the intelligence of embodiment through precise alignment and Rajanaka Tantra philosophy. As a life-long student, she shares the great wisdom and generosity of her teachers in all of her classes. Noted for her collaborative teaching and organizing, Mariel has partnered with Be Well Philly, The Kimpton Hotels, Lululemon and others,  to celebrate diversity and empower sustainable community. She founded Three Queens after the three Goddesses in the yoga tradition; Kali, Saraswati, and Lakshmi, who represent dissolution, creation, and sustenance. 

Mariel currently resides in Philadelphia, where she co-owns Shot Tower Coffee. She is dedicated to revitalizing the Queen Village neighborhood by building businesses that draw the community together.  Mariel's classes can be found here.

Erick DuPree, Operations Officer

Erick brings 10 plus years of non-profit and marketing management to Three Queens, and oversees the studios operations and programming, as well as client relations. 

In addition to his behind the scenes skill, Erick is a popular Philadelphia based restorative yoga teacher and mindfulness trainer whose maxim "restored is the new advanced" reminds us that even the strongest bodies require recovery and rest.

Erick holds advanced training is Restorative yoga, assists mentor yoga therapist Jillian Pransky, and is a trainer in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, through the Oasis Institute. 


ALison Mungan, Community Relations Manager

Alison inspires, engages and motivates combining her training as a social worker and dedication as a yoga teacher to lift up students and community every day. She manages the day to day front desk of the studio, as well as community partnerships such as lead teacher for the popular Yoga @ the Hotel Monaco. A spokesperson for Three Queens, Alison has taught yoga for Greenfest: The City of Philadelphia's Council on Clear Air, Be Well Philly Magazine's Summer Yoga Series at the Comcast, and Resolution RX. 

Grateful to her teachers, Mariel Freeman and Sue Elkind.   Alison teaches from a place that shines light and love everyday. Her teaching schedule can be found here. 


Melanie Smith, FACULTY

Melanie is a renowned teacher, award winning actress and spiritual entrepreneur, who has not only spent many years speaking and presenting to thousands, but she has also graduated well over 1,000 teachers from her educational programs. She works with spiritual talent on a daily basis helping to transform their lives and businesses and moves them into the most realized and abundant experience of life. 

She is trained in many forms of coaching, entrepreneurship, Health and Wellness, Chakras and Bioi-energetics, Behavioral Finance, grief and Loss Recovery, All performance arts, Positive Psychology, and was a founding fellow of Harvard University’s institute of coaching. She is an ERYT 500 and a Professional Certified Coach.

Melanie was the founder and director of one of the countries most respected yoga and wellness centers and has been the face of many international wellness brands. She has written for several national magazines and has been at the center of some of Televisions most memorable and funniest moments.


Alexandra Holmes, Faculty

Alexandra Holmes has been teaching yoga since 2003. Her Dynamic Flow classes are some of the most sought out and noted throughout the Philadelphia area for being thoughtfully sequenced, holistic, and innovative.

Believing that breath, alignment, and flow are some of the most transformational aspects of yoga, Alex considers herself a student first, and credits her teachers as inspirations.  Alex’s teaching pulls from her varied studies in yoga, anatomy, movement and choreography; she holds a B.F.A. from Virginia Commonwealth University, and is E-YRT 200 certified

Alex is faculty in our Immersion and Teacher Training at Three Queens Yoga offering Applied Anatomy and Sequencing modules, as well as her own advanced trainings and Dynamic Flow Immersion. Learn more about Alex here

Adriana Adele

Adriana began practicing and studying yoga in 2011 after taking her first Bhakti Flow class in Oakland, CA. An athlete growing up, she was first drawn to the physical challenge of the practice but quickly delighted in the equanimity it brought to her mind and spirit.  Adriana believes life is a conversation and is constantly surprised and inspired by the answers found on her mat- and the questions which come from those answers.

After moving to Philadelphia, Adriana completed the 200 hour teacher training at DIG Yoga  in alignment-based hatha yoga, with her teachers Sue Elkind, Naime Jezzeny, Nikki Robinson, and, mentor, Mariel Freeman. Adriana’s relaxed, conversational teaching style invites students to honor and relish the present moment in whatever form it takes, be it effort or ease. Through clear alignment cues and thoughtful sequencing, she encourages, supports, and empowers students to cultivate a deeper connection with their breath and body, creating a sustainable yoga practice to carry throughout life. 


Jillian Bussey

Jillian has been practicing yoga since 2001 in an effort to balance out her body from years of running. In 2012, Jillian completed her 200-hour teacher training at Focus in Bryn Mawr.  Immediately following her training, Jillian began to explore Ashtanga Yoga. Intrigued by the the philosophy, she began a personal practice at the Ashtanga Yoga School in Philadelphia.

Jillian teaches yoga as a modality for self-care and reflection. Her classes are light hearted with unique vinyasa sequences paired with equally varied and fun playlists, geared to challenge students both physically and mentally. It is her hope that yoga will feel accessible to all who arrive to their mats, that students find the lovely balance between effort and ease in practice and leave her class feeling happy and loved. Jillian is currently pursuant of her 500 hour certification at Three Queens Yoga with Mariel Freeman and Melanie Smith.


Daniel is a popular yoga teacher & massage therapist throughout the Philadelphia area & owner of the healing sanctuary & creative space, Palo Santo Wellness Boutique.  His teaching interests lie in a creative and vigorous vinyasa style, beginner’s and those “intimidated” by yoga, especially men.  His journey towards a healthier body, steadier mind, stronger spirit and more open heart has drawn Daniel to not only study yoga asana, but yoga philosophy and ancient yogic texts – especially bhakti yoga, or the yoga of devotion. Daniel has pursued this interest by studying continuously with renowned teacher, Raghunath – most recently completing this teacher’s Pilgrimage to India.

An avid fan of mantra, singing, and meditation, he is also informed through his massage & bodywork practice via the knowledge of various types of bodies and via the awareness of just how important yoga can be to those dealing with stressful lives, hunched backs, and cluttered minds.  He continuously offers workshops, teacher trainings (with renowned Philly teacher Alex Holmes), and retreats locally, nationally & internationally. 

Katie Gould

Katie is a yoga teacher, personal trainer, athlete, actress and musician. She completed her first 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga teacher training in 2009, and quickly gravitated toward alignment-based yoga for its therapeutic and strength benefits. She has worked as a fitness professional and yoga instructor in Philadelphia and New York, studying human movement, strength programming, and corrective exercises to help people meet their fitness goals. 

In addition to her yoga training, Katie is a proud member of the inaugural class of the Pig Iron School for Advanced Performance - a three year MFA in devised physical theater. When she's not teaching, you'll find her creating performances with her theater company Lightning Rod Special and writing on her fitness blog. She is grateful for every moment spent in the beautiful studio on Monroe street and for every person who has given her the opportunity to share her knowledge and wisdom


Liz Fullen

Liz credits all her growth in the last decade to the practice and the potency of it's teachings. She is super passionate about sharing these practices with her fellow humans. Connection and community are her driving forces. She will always encourage a laid back, supportive atmosphere in her classes. Liz asks that you practice dropping deeply into the present moment using only your awareness and breath. Physically, her classes will focus on alignment, strength and openness. Deep gratitude to her teacher and mentor, Elena Brower, for showing her that the studentship of a teacher never ends. 
Liz recognizes that she is growing and learning alongside the people who come to her classes and is incredibly stoked to be on this path with everyone.

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Matt Lynch

Matt has been practicing yoga since 2011. An avid runner since youth, Matt found healing through the practice following an injury. In 2015 Matt completed his 200 hour training at Dig Yoga under the guidance of teachers Sue Elkind, Naime Jezzeny, Mariel Freeman, and Kilkenny Tremblay. He deepened his studies in an advanced vinyasa training in 2016 under Alex Holmes and Daniel Cordua, and has since obtained his NASM personal training certification.

Matt brings a fire to the mat that combines the flow of vinyasa with the biomechanics and alignment of anusara. He accomplishes this by weaving core and body weight training into the practice of asana. He feels the practice of yoga has changed his life in dramatically positive ways, and delights in sharing it with others.


Kasey MeEHAN

Kasey had been flirting with yoga for years until life sent her into the arms of Three Queens.  Kasey completed her 200 hour teacher training in 2016, and is currently completing her 500 hour training at Three Queens under Mariel Freeman and Melanie Smith.  She is inspired by the community of individuals yoga binds together, the alignment principles that leave you feeling simultaneously more rooted and more expansive, and the never-ending lessons and learnings yoga offers.     

A Philly gal, Kasey lives in Rittenhouse. When not on her mat, she can be found grabbing an ice tea at Metropolitan Bakery on her way into work at Research for Action, an education research and evaluation organization.  


Larry Mele

Larry Mele is an N.A.S.M. certified personal trainer, E-RYT 200 hour certified yoga instructor, owner of SōMA movement & therapeutics, and a dedicated practitioner of practical human movement. Larry's multidisciplinary approach to fitness fuses the alignment principles of yoga with body weight strength training and cardiovascular endurance, to create a dynamic blend of conscious exercise.

By helping clients obtain a deeper awareness of their movement and a conscious connection to their mind-body, Larry gives students the tools to approach fitness in an intelligent way that increases results while decreasing the risk of injuries. Larry has extensive experience working with clients of different levels, ages, injuries, and backgrounds. As an avid cyclist, yogi, and surfer he is specifically interested in healthy biomechanics and restoration from sports and movement related injuries. Larry's playful, inspiring, and down-to-earth style along with his genuine commitment to educating his clients to achieve their goals, creates an environment that is supportive, friendly, empowering, and fun.


Stacia Nero

Always a mover and a shaker, Stacia was an athlete and a dancer until a knee injury from a soccer game. After several surgeries repairing her torn ACL and meniscus she had to put her passion for movement on hold.  In her recovery process she started taking yoga classes as part of her therapy and it definitely struck a chord. Yoga gave her strength in body and in mind. It gave her tools to manage stress and anxiety that were a presence in her life as well as loving the healing process. She pursued yoga teacher training to dig deeper into her practice and in turn felt a call to share what she learned with others. She completed her 200 RYT in 2010 and has been continuing her education since. She completed a 50-hour Dynamic Flow training with Alex Holmes, 50-hour Yoga for Golfers training with Katherine Roberts and 50-hour Aerial Yoga training through Aircats Circus School, 25- hour Yin training and presently finishing her second 200 RYT hour training at Amrita Yoga and Wellness. She is always trying to broaden what she can offer her students and allow her students to love themselves fully as they are


Lisa O'rear

Lisa first stepped onto a yoga mat in 2009, and by 2010 completed her first 200 hour teacher training. She came to DIG in the fall of 2012 in search of more alignment in all areas of her life. Her desire to continue to grow both on and off her mat led to her complete DIG's 200 hour teacher training. Through alignment, she challenges students to realize both their inner and outer strength. Her classes are creatively sequenced, challenging and heartfelt. She is so grateful for her teacher and mentor, Mariel Freeman, who continues to inspire her to find her authentic voice, teach from her heart and never stop participating in the conversation of yoga. 

Originally from Miami, Lisa now resides in South Philly. When not on her mat, she can be found either running, spinning or getting together with her friends and family