Winter: 2017

Basics: Foundational class perfect for beginners.
Community: All levels class offered by new graduates of our teacher training.
Core Fusion: 45 minute circuit that focuses on foundational powerhouse muscles.
Dynamic Flow: Signature progressive sequencing, that fully explores the vinyasa.
Gentle: Therapeutic, slower class perfect for beginners, seniors, or those rehabbing injury.
Hour: High energy/intensity 60 minute class perfect for all students.  Beginners welcome.
Inter/Adv: Students and teacher practice together exploring advanced asana in a collaborative lighthearted setting. Not for beginners. 
Mixed Level: 75 or 90 minute, Alignment-based flow. Modifications offered. Open to all levels.
Restoratives: Fully passive practice using props to create optimal alignment for a deep states of rest.
Vinyasa: 75 minute faster paced flow. Modification offered. Open to all levels.


prices and policies

Monthly Membership: $108/auto renewal
Month-to-Month Membership: $125

Drop-in: $18
Drop-in Senior/Student: $14
Hour/CoreFusion: $12
Community Hour: $8
10-Class Card: $165 (valid one year)
Annual Membership: $1375

Cancellation Policy for Workshops and Events:

Refunds will be given for pre-paid workshops & programs within 48 hours notice of cancellation, less 15% administration fee. 
No refunds or credits will be given for no shows.
See National Guest Policy.

Online Class Reservations:
Classes reserved online may be canceled up to 60 minutes prior to class with no charge (your account will automatically be credited); cancellations cannot be made less than 60 minutes prior to class.


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