New To Yoga

8 Week Beginner Series
The 8 Week Beginner's Series is a specialized series designed to give you all the tools necessary to develop a life-long healthy yoga practice. Each class builds upon the next, exploring all categories of poses, as well as breathing and restorative. Whether you are new to yoga or just want to expand your understanding of yoga fundamentals, this course will provide you with what it takes to feel better in body, mind and heart.   Check our Workshops for our upcoming Beginner Series!

Basics and Gentle Classes

Our Basics classes focus is on foundational poses.  A strong practice appropriate for all levels who have some yoga experience.  Students with minor injuries or physical limitations please ensure you talk to the teacher before class. Join us for class today!

Our Gentle Yoga classes are great for beginners, pregnant students or those recovering from injury.  We do not interpret gentle as “slow-paced” or “easy” yoga but rather a practice that helps build strength and flexibility, while using the support of the wall, chairs or other props.  Using less weight bearing positions enhances stability, integrity of joints and promotes confidence. Join us for class today!

Prices & Policies

Monthly Membership: $99/auto renewal
Senior/Student: $89/auto renewal
Month-to-Month Membership: $125

Drop-in: $18
Drop-in Senior/Student: $14
Hour: $12
Community Hour: $8
10-Class Card: $165 (valid one year)
Annual Membership: $1250  

Cancellation Policy for Workshops and Events:

Refunds will be given for pre-paid workshops & programs within 24 hours notice of cancellation, less 15% administration fee. 
No refunds or credits will be given for no shows.

Online Class Reservations:
Classes reserved online may be canceled up to 60 minutes prior to class with no charge (your account will automatically be credited); cancellations cannot be made less than 60 minutes prior to class.