Goddess: A Twelve Month Journey


The Goddess is an archetype that has been with us since prehistory, and is a beacon of hope, beauty and supreme power to women and men alike. 

Join Erick DuPree for this year long exploration of creation, sustenance, even destruction and ultimate rebirth, and experience the Goddess’ many faces that empower. Each month's Goddess will focus on an original mythic tale, reimagined for today’s modern world. Whether you sign up for one session or the entire series, know that you will delve into archetypes and energies, journeying from power to presence through of movement, myth, and ritual to experience the many faces of the Goddess as an extension of the self.

No experience needed, and perfect for beginners and those new to philosophy. 

The Goddesses

January: Knowing Goddess, Or Just Wishful Thinking?

February Brigid: Igniting the Flame in the Heart

March Tara: Power and Purpose

April: Aphrodite: Empowered Surrender

May: Isis: Awakening the Magic

June: Lakshmi: Becoming Abundantly Clear

July: Yemaya: The Deep Sea of Intuition

August: Diana The Sacred Rite to Self Determination

September Durga: Shakti’s Lights of Navatiri

October: Hekate: The Darkness is the Gift

November: Ishtar: Decent Towards Freedom

December: Kali: Now Is the Holy Moment

What to Expect

Mythic stories and sacred archetypes unique for modern times.

Light asana, with breath-work & restorative yoga.

Guided Meditation, chanting and mantra specifically crafted for each Goddess.

Unique ritual and home practices to help you tune in to each Goddess in your daily life and build upon current practices

Alongside this, the Goddess: A 12 Month Journey integrates the four seasons and introduces how the elements of air, fire, earth, and water connect us back to the sacred Earth, Goddess and self.

Investment: $350 Series/ $30 Drop-in



Erick DuPree is an award winning writer, meditation teacher, and spiritual influencer known for connecting others with empowered human experiences. For five years he wrote the column Alone In Her Presence: A Feminist Perspective to national acclaim and is known as a popular voice in matrilineal spirituality. The author of four books, he's been featured in Huffington Post, Tricycle: A Buddhist Review, Patheos, NY Magazine, and The Wild Hunt.

Erick's work has been described as intimate, evocative, and deeply transcendent.  He weaves certifications in yoga, advanced training in Restorative yoga along side sadhanas in Rajanaka Tantra, yoga nidra, shamanism and tradition Chinese medicine, to explore sacred archetypes and mythic states to heal from within.

Erick teaches workshops thought the U.S. and weekly in Philadelphia, PA.