An Interview With Carrie Borgenicht

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing one of our beloved students, Carrie Borgenicht.  Carrie is a local business owner of Earthly Delights.  Carrie specializes in gardening and urban design. Carrie is a South Philly resident who has been practicing at Three Queens since it's opening in 2012. Here is my candid and delightful interview with Carrie.


What do you love about practicing at Three Queens Yoga?

Honestly, it is convenient and in the neighborhood. I like to interact with people in the community and this is a great way to connect with my Queen village neighbors.  Also, I started practicing with Mariel at Sweat years ago and followed her over to Three Queens (formerly DIG Yoga).

When did you take your first yoga class?

I took my first yoga class in college at Rutgers. It was in the gym and I just went a few times. 
Fifteen years later, I moved to Philly and started practicing at the 12th Street gym in Center CIty.  I remember when Mariel said in class about exercising in Sanskrit and I knew that was what I was doing in my practice.  Now I can see the connection between emotional and mental well being. 
I had tried different types of exercise like jogging, aerobics and elliptical and everything felt like torture and yoga was the first that didn't feel like torture. I don’t know if I love it right away but I didn't hate it.

What is your favorite pose and least favorite pose?

Least Favorite Pose: Warrior 2.  I just want to say that Alison is only one that has taught a Mixed Level without Warrior 2 in it, thank you.

Favorite Pose:  I really enjoy backbends and inversions and I can do them.  It is really  cool and thrilling to be able to do those poses. I was always clumsy in my body and now that I can do back be it feels really good. 

How do you spend your days?

 I am a small business owner in the city, Earthly Delights. I am gardener who specializes in urban design. and now is my primetime season.  One of the benefits of having my yoga practice is that in my busy season I am bending and kneeling , raking, shoveling, and weeding flowers and grass all day. My practice allows me to focus on the alignment not only in class but while I am working. In the winter when I am not working in the garden yoga gives me a way to stay physically because I would sit on the couch all day. I am glad that Three Queens is in neighborhood and  the studio gives me an opportunity to get off the couch. I have my home on Air B and B. I love sharing my neighboorhood, community and my city with travelers all around the world. 

Can’t live without…

Plants, Animals and Yoga.

It was a real treat to spend time with Carrie and find out more about her life and practice. Enjoy the post and see you next time!

XO, Alison





An Interview with Stephanie Berliner

Welcome to the first post of the Three Queens Yoga Blog. Every few weeks I will be interviewing and highlighting members of our brilliant Three Queens family. This week I had the absolute pleasure of drinking coffee, chatting about life and interviewing Stephanie Berliner. We had an enchanting conversation that allowed me to get a deeper look into the life of a true, bright and talented yogi.

Stephanie discovered yoga in 2001, and it was love at first asana. Unlike anything else, the practice just made sense to her, and it has led her to countless “Aha!” moments both on and off the mat. She has always felt compelled to share the beauty and light of yoga with others, and in 2011 completed her 250 hour teaching certification at Wake Up Yoga.

Her teaching style is precise and alignment-focused, and she seeks to add levity and bits of yogic philosophy to each class. Stephanie invites students to challenge themselves and find their edge in order to dive more deeply into themselves with each practice. Stephanie has completed trainings with Justica DeClue, Corina Benner and Victoria Ladd; and her mentor, Biz Magarity. Stephanie is in the process of completing her 500 hour certification with Laughing Lotus NYC.

What do you love about teaching at Three Queens Yoga?

I love the neighborhood! I used to spend a lot of time in Queen Village and it is great to be back here. I also love the students at Three Queens.  They have great body awareness and really solid foundation.  I also love Mariel, Erick and the staff at the studio. 

When did you take your first yoga class?

I took my first yoga class in 2001. I started with a Bikram yoga video that I would do in my living room everyday. Then in 2003, I was introduced to Iyengar. After studying Iyengar for a few years in 2008 I started practicing Vinyasa. Then in 2012, I started practicing Anusara yoga.  

What song best describes your approach to life?

Ooh La La by The Faces. 

What is your personal practice like these days?

Right now, Im not too rigid in my practice. It really is whatever I am feeling like doing that day.  I will always do a few sun salutations, handstand, backbends, supta virasana and of course savasana!

Must read book?

The Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson and How to Breathe Underwater by Julie Orringer.  I keep How to Breathe Underwater on my nightstand. It is a collection of short stories that I can always go back and read over again.

What part of the practice was difficult for you at first and how were you able to overcome it?

I think that the hardest part for me was building strength. I am more flexible so I would work more in my flexibility than from a place strength. Now, I am using my muscles and I am working on getting really strong.

Can't live without...

Naps, Iced Coffee, Spirits, Tacos and Friends.

Favorite Place in the world?

My bed and Saint John. 

What is next for you?

Teaching! I want to teach more and share my yoga. Also I should have my 500 hour by the end of the summer so I am really looking forward to completing that training!

It was a treat interviewing and spending time with Stephanie! Looking forward to sharing our teachers each week!

Xo. Alison Mungan