Interview with Katie Gould

This week I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing the talented, brilliant and strong Katie Gould. Katie has a great energy that she gives to all of her students and friends. She is a remarkable trainer who never fails to kick my tush in Core Fusion each week.  Katie encourages her students to be strong and confident on and off the mat. Katie truly has a special way of teaching, practicing and motivating all of the members of the Three Queens community. Here is a little more about Katie!

What do you love about teaching at Three Queens Yoga? 

I love the students!  I love the deep feeling of community that the studio has cultivated. I love being able to teach in space that makes you feel taken care of and at home. The studio truly is transcendent place that makes you feel like you can let go and be with your practice. 

When did you first become interested in fitness and yoga?

I have been interested in fitness, yoga and movement since I was a teenager. I was an athlete in high school as well as a dancer.  I achieved my NASM certification in 2008 and my 200 hour yoga teacher training certification in 2009 from Dhyana Yoga. Since then I have lived in New York and pursued yoga and fitness at Equinox and Pogo.  Then I moved back to Philadelphia and began teaching at Sweat gym where I met Mariel. Since I have been back in Philadelphia, I have studied functional movement systems and alignment.  I am part of the Strong First trained and am the only woman in Philadelphia with the Strong First certification. I also am training men and women in how to lift Russian Kettlebells. This summer I am also training for a triathlon. 

What song best describes your life?

“Fast Car”- Tracy Chapman

What is your person practice these days?

I have a strict six days a week fitness and yoga routine. Two days of yoga, everyday myofascial and mobility, Three days of cardio, Four to five days of strength training.  I always incorporate kettlebells, barbell dead lifts, pull ups and calisthenics. 

How do you hope your students feel after a yoga class?

I hope the feel inspired, energized and confident. 

Must read book?
Miraculous Life of Edgar Mint by Brady Eudall

What part of the practice was difficult for you at first and how did you overcome it?

I am currently working on slowing my mind down during my practice.  My practice can be very aggressive and I am working on allowing myself to soften.

What superpower would you like to have?

The ability to be in two places at once.  I want to be training and teaching my students and on a beach somewhere!
Words to live by…

Never let the sunset without resolving your anger. 

Can’t live without….

Sunshine, Sandwiches, Airplanes, Dark Chocolate, Havarti and Dill Cheese, Steak, My Family, My Large Modern Family, Bike, Internet and Goals.

Favorite Place in the world?

Sea Island, GA. and any place that has sunshine, lush trees, soft breeze, a cool drink and the sound of nature. 

What is next for you?

I have made a lot of changes in the past two years and I am not looking to make too many new changes coming up! I want to deepen my level of engagement where I am in order to see more opportunities down the line. I love my community, my boyfriend, my house and my teachers  I have a lot of love where I am right now.